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Concessions for Export of all agricultural products like Sugar, Rice Soyabean Meal, Wheat, Maize etc.

(No. TM/A/15-22/24 dated 28.12.2023) 

Traffic Congestion outside Orange Gate Princess Dock

(No. TM/ID/CIRC/1158 dated 06.12.2023)  

Preshipment facilities for storage of export cargo

(No. TM/A/15-22/23 of 2022-23 dated 04.12.2023) 

Fatal accident - Safety Precautions reg.

(No. TM/ID/Dock Safety/1139 of 2023-24 dated 01.12.2023)


(No.TM/B-10/22 of 2023-24 dated 30.11.2023) 

Grant of concessional free days for Import/coastal consignments of Iron & Steel - Extension of

(No. TM/M/13-5/Circular/20 dated 22.11.2023) 

Grant of extended free days for levy of demurrage on import cargo & storage fees on containers/Mafis

(No. TM/M/13-5/ Circular/19 dated 17.11.2023) 

Storage facilities for import Gypsum/ MOP and other such bulk cargo at Mumbai Port

(No. TM/D/4-3/18 dated 17.11.2023) 

Risk Based Random Inspection System (RBRIS) – reg |  Proforma

(No. TM/ID/Dock Safety/1075 of 2023-24 dated 10.11.2023)

Discharging and delivery of scrap material during night shift and IIIrd shift  |  List

(No. TM/ID/scrap/1023 of 2023-24 dated 01.11.2023)

Swachchta Pakhwada - Sawachhata Hi Seva (SHS) 2023 

(No. TM/S/17-1/18 dated 28.09.2023)

Note : Timing of the cleanliness drive is rescheduled to 8 AM on 01.10.2023. 

15 % additional assessment charges

(No. DC/B-OSC/Advance Payment/787 dated 22.09.2023) 

Fatal accident - Safety Precautions reg.  | Declaration 

(No. TM/ID/Dock Safety/823 of 2023-24 dated 06.09.2023)

Fatal accident - Safety Precautions reg. 

(No. TM/ID/Dock Safety/807 of 2023-24 dated 04.09.2023) 

LDC certificate for the FY 2023-24 

(No. DC/B-OSC/IT/TDS/FY(2023-24)/701 dated 01.09.2023)

Certificate under Section 197 of the Income Tax Act,1961 relating deduction of tax at source at Lower rate for F.Y.2023-24 – reg

(No. TM/B/6-1/TDS/17 of 2023-24 dated 31.08.2023)

Rationalisation of Tariff for Cruise Vessels

(No. TM/B/11-2/16 dated 14.08.2023)

Extension of Storage facilities for import agricultural products and concessional storage upto 180 days, at Outlying Areas

(No. TM/D/4-3/ 15  of 2023-24 dated 14.08.2023) 

Systematic improvements in overstay of vehicles and equipments inside Port Area 

(No. TM/C/23-1/14 of 2023-24 dated 11.08.2023)                                                                              

Celebration of Independence Day 

(No. DC/C-FLG/2837 dated 11.08.2023)

Assurance of Safe Pilot Transfer Arrangement for Vessels calling at Mumbai Port 

(No. DC/C-SH/2023/2619 dated 31.7.2023)

Policy for erection of temporary sheds in the Port

(No. TM/D/4-3/60 of 2023-24 dated 20.07.2023) 

SOP regarding the work done in import operations from discharging of cargo till delivery 

Gazette Notification - Amendment in existing Note No.1 under General Notes to Section 3.1(B) of SOR of Mumbai Port Authority

(No.TM/Z-1/447  dated 13.07.2023) 

SOP for handling of cars (import/export) in the port viz. Gamadia, RCD, Frere Basin, OCT and inside Docks area

(No. TM/ID/SOP/577 of 2023-24 dated 13.07.2023) 

Gazette Notification : Amendment in Existing Note No. 1 under General Notes to Section 3.1 (B) of SOR of Mumbai Port Authority

(No. TM/Z-1/13 dated 10.07.2023)

Cargo manifested under ’NIL’ marks

(No.TM/D/13/12 dated 15.06.2023)

Storage of facilities for gypsum, ammonium sulphate, MOP, MAP, DAP, Calcite chips at Mumbai Port Authority

(No. TM/D/4-3/11 of 2023-24 dated 26.05.2023)

Discontinuation of handling of Export of livestock from MbPA 

(No. TM/B/10-6/10 dated 25.05.2023)         

Compliance of Safety Norms inside Docks |  Course of action for drowning (by Safety Cell, MbPA)

(Circular No. TM/ID/Safety/212 of 2023-24 dated 09.05.2023)

Policy for erection of temporary sheds in Docks | Proforma | Policy | Indemnity | Specimen Bank Guarantee Form

(No. TM/D/4-3/08 of 2023-24 dated 04.05.2023)

Construction/Repairs of Ships/Barges/Crafts activity at Lakri Bunder South/Powder Works Bunder | Waiting List | Policy

(No. TM/B-10/07 of 2023-24 dated 04.05.2023)

Availability of anchorages during monsoon period 2023

(No. DC/C-SH/2023/1516 dated 02.05.2023) 

Cold Moves

(No. DC/C-SH/2023/1515 dated 02.05.2023) 

Monsoon preparedness

(No. DC/C-SH/2023/1514 dated 02.05.2023) 

Implementation of Indexed SOR effective from 1.5.2023 under Tariff Policy for Major Port Authorities 2021 | MANSA’S email dated 28.04.2023

(No. No.TM/Z-1/06 dated 02.05.2023) 

Implementation of Indexed SOR effective from 15.05.2023 Under Tariff policy of Major Port Authorities 2021

(No. DC/B-OSC/CIRCULAR(indexation)/306 dated 02.05.2023) 

NOC of Immigration facility for vessel sailing out of Mumbai Port 

(No. DC/C-Cir/23/1441 dated 25.04.2023)

Declaration of Security 

(No. PFSO/ISPS/2023/1481 dated 27.04.2023)

Implementation of Indexed SOR effective from 1.5.2023 under Tariff Policy for Major Port Authorities 2021 | SOR

(Circular No.TM/Z-1/05 dated 26.04.2023)

Wharfage rate for Jawahar Dweep 5 (JD5) and indexation thereof

(No. TM /Z-1/03 dated 18.4.2023) 

Pre-Shipment facilities for storage of export cargo

(No. TM/A/15-22/4 of 2023-24 dated 18.04.2023) 

Storage facilities for import Ammonium Sulphate at Mumbai Port Authority  

(No. TM/D/4-3/02 of 2023-24 dated 13.04.2023)

Gazette Notification - Amendment in note at Sr.No.14 Under General Notes to Section 3.1(A) of SOR. Ref: TAMP’s Order dated 19.07.2022. | Gazette Notification

(No.TM/Z-1/01 dated 11.04.2023) 

Instructions for IGM filing

(No. TM/ID/34 of 2023-24 dated 10.04.2023)

Investigation of Dangerous Occurrence of Pvt. Mobile crane dashed to the electrical tower No. 12 at 19 ID Yard

(No. TM/ID/Safety/2323 of 2022-23 dated 10.03.2023) 

Tax deducted at source (TDS) and Tax collected at Source (TCS) for FY 2022-23 

(No. TM/B/6-1/TDS/48 of 2021-22 dated 03.04.2023)

Transporters disobeying safety norms

(No. TM/ID/Dock Safety/2425 of 2022-23 dated 29.03.2023) 

Change of recess hours during second and night shift in the month of Ramzan

(No. TM/ZE/66-22/2943 of 2022-23 dated 20.03.2023)  

Transporters disobeying safety norms

(No. TM/ID/Dock Safety/2322 of 2022-23 dated 10.03.2023) 

Storage facilities for import Gypsum/ MOP and other such bulk cargo at Mumbai Port

(NO.TM/D/4-3/47 dated 15.03.2023) 

Circular no. DC/C-SH/2023/826 dated 09.03.2023 

Submission of information of Launch Owners and Operators for better services

(No. M/OSC/KYC/Launch/97 dated 15.02.2023) 

SOP for Cancellation of Gate Pass and issuance of New Gate Pass for delivery of cargo

(No. TM/D/GATE PASS/2040 of 2022-2023 dated 20.01.2023) 

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of Export Cargo

(No. TM/A/15-22/46 dated 13.01.2023) 

Celebration of Republic Day

(No. DC/C-FLG/124 dated 11.01.2023)

Declaration of Security

(No. PFSO/ISPS/2023/123 dated 10.01.2023)


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