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  • Issuance of Dock Entry Permit as per ISPS code. ..more                     Annexures A to K  Click Here
  • ISPS Code Circulars for information of Trade and Port users 

           (Circular no. DC/C-PR/Barges(Cir)/2319dated 6th May 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-ISPS/2323 dated 6th May 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-ISPS/2384dated 10th May 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-ISPS/2645dated 24th May 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-ISPS/2754 dated 28th May 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-ISPS/3086dated 10th June 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-ISPS/3099 dated 11th June 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-ISPS/3159 dated 16th June 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-ISPS/3163 dated 16th June 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-PR/3168 dated 16th June 2004,

           Circular no. DC/C-SH/3223 dated 18th June 2004,

           Circular no. PFSO/ISPS/Circular/08/70 dated 1st August2008,

           Circular no. PFSO/ISPS/74 dated 12th August2008) ..more

  • Extension of pre-shipment facilities for aggregation/storage of export cargo to Railway areas 
    (Circular no. RM/WG-16/2005/309 dated 11th November 2005) ..more
  • Storage facilities for import bag cargo like pulses,sugar etc
    (Circular no. TM/D/4-3/11 of 1996-97 dated 3rd November 2005) ...more
  • Levy of charges on heavy lifts under Section VI of the Scale of Rates charged at the Docks


  • Berthing priorities at BPS/BPX berths
    (Circular no TM/B/1-5/6352 of 2003/04 dated29th September 2005) ...more
  • Priority berthing to Pure Car Carriers at BPX
    (Circular no. TM/B/1-5/4717 of 2003/04 dated 27th August 2004) ...more
  • Grant of free days for cargo/containers


  • Additional Concessions/facilities for export cargoes brought by sea for shipment through Mumbai Port 
    (Circular no. RM/WG-16/2005/309 dated 1st August 2000) ...more

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