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Year: 2006 and 07
  • Pre-shipment facility for storage of export cargoes
    (Circular no. TM/A/15-22/20 of 1995-96 dated 29th October, 2007) ..more
  • Grant of free days for cargo/containers
    (Circular no. TM/M/13-5/Circular/ 19 of 1995-96 dated 29th  October, 2007) ..more
  • Shifting of CFS operations from Frere Basin to STP/MOD –Reallocation of Container Operation Points
    (Circular no. TM/CFS/CIRCULAR No. 1 of 2007-2008 dated 26th October 2007) ..more

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  • Extension of pre-shipment facilities for aggregation/storage of export cargo to Railway areas
    (Circular no. RM/WG-16/2007/2007/2080 dated 25th October 2007) ..more
  • Procedure for drawing of samples for ADC/PHO or any other statutory authorities test/inspection reports/fitness certification - Regarding
    (Working Order no. TM/SW/Inventory/Wo-2 of 07-8 dtd 14th August 07) ...more
  • Categorisation of uncleared goods in accordance with its perishability/usability and fixing of shorter time limit for their disposal by e-auction
    (Working Order no. TM/SW/Perishable Cargo/Wo-1 of 07-8 dtd 26th July 07) ...more
  • Submission of documents by Ship Owners and Shipping Companies required for billing purpose
    (Circular no. DC/B-OSC/CIR/BILLING(2007)/1161 dated 30th August 2007) ..more
  • Submission of Requisitions/Documents to avail Port Trust Services
    (Circular no. DC/C-SH/4336 dated 1st September 2007) ..more
  • Charges for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers of the cruise vessels berthed at berths other than BPX/BPX(O)
    (Circular no. TM/B/11-2/16 OF 05-06 dated 17th August 2007) ..more
  • Supply of water by licensed agencies - recovery of charges reg
    (Circular no. TM/D/4-3/15 of 96-97 dated 14th August 2007) ..more
  • Shorter time limit for disposal of uncleared perishable/time-sensitive cargoes
    (Circular no. TM/SW/Perishable cargo/01 of 2007-08 dated 27th July 2007) ..more
  • Levy of charges on containerised cargo brought from Indian Port by road to Mumbai Port
    (Circular no. C/3-93/TM/Circular/13 of 88-89 dated 28th June 2007) ..more
  • Creation of Zones in the Docks and issuance of one-day permit,zone wise
    (Circular no. TM/P/19-15/12 of 1994-95 dated 22nd June 2007) ...more
  • Handling of fertilizer/fertilizer raw materials at No. 4 and No. 5 Hay Bunder
    (Circular no. OBL(215)/2252/07 dated 12th June 2007) ..more
  • Keeping a safe anchor watch

          (Circular no. DC/C-SH/2790 dated 5th June 2007) ...more

  • Handling of fertilizer/fertilizer raw materials through Hay Bunder
    (Circular no. TM/B/1-13/9 of 2003-04 dated 19th May 2007) ...more
  • Pre-shipment facilities for Storage of export cargoes
    (Circular no. TM/A/15-22/7 of 1995-96 dated 4th May 2007) ...more
  • Free days for pre-shipment storage of export vehicles in Docks
    (Circular no. TM/A/15-22/6 of 1995-96 dated 4th May 2007) ..more
  • Pre-shipment facility for storage of export cargoes

          (Circular no. TM/A/15-22/5 of 1995-96 dated 4th May 2007) ...more

  • Levy of concessional rate for stevedoring charges for salt brought by coastal vessels/barges

          (Circular no. TM/M/13-06/4 of 03-04 dated 30th April 2007) ..more

  • Concessional rates for demurrage on export of Agricultural products
    (Circular no. TM/D/4-3/3 of 96-97 dated 27th April 2007) ..more
  • CORRIGENDUM TO CIRCULAR NO.TM/D/4-3/3 of 96-97 dtd 27th April 07 ..more
  • Hiring of launches for shore to ship and Jawahar Dweep Pir Pau/Nhava Sheva/JNPT

          (Circular no. DC/C-PR/Hire of Launch/07/1863 dated 20th April 2007) ..more

  • Extension of preshipment facility at Mumbai Port for raw sugar exports at 13A/13B ID

          (Circular no. TM/A/1522/2 of 1995-96 dated 16th April 2007) ..more

  • Extension of concessional charges for storage of empty containers at designated yards of Mumbai Port

          (Circular no. TM/C/3-93/24 of 1988-89 dated 7th March 2007) ..more

  • Extension of concessional box rate for stuffing/destuffing of containers at Mumbai Port

          (Circular no. TM/C/3-93/II/23 of 2004-05 dated 7th March 2007) ..more

  • Reduction in stevedoring charges for mid-stream topping-up operations

          (Circular no. TM/S/11-3/22 of 1999-2000 dated 2nd March 2007) ..more

  • General Revision of Scale of Rates –Container related charges

          (Circular no. 5 dated 26th December 2006) ..more

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  • Revision of Mumbai Port Limits

          (Circular no. DC/C-PR(Port Limits)/5530 dated 20th November 2006) Page 1 2 3 4 5

  • Usage of rail borne cargo facilities available at Grain Depot,Mumbai Port Trust

          (Circular no. RM/TR-35/2006/1703 dated 18th November 2006) ..more

  • Extension of pre-shipment facilities for aggregation/storage of export cargo to Railway areas
    (Circular no. RM/WG-16/2006/1558 dated 11th October 2006) ..more
  • Storage Facilities for import bag cargo like pulses,sugar etc 

          (Circular no. TM/D/4-3/13 of 1996-97 dated 4th October 2006) ..more

  • Levy of concessional charges for Storage of Empty Containers at designated yards of Mumbai Port

          (Circular no. TM/C/3-93/10 dated 1st September 2006) ..more

  • Revised stevedoring rate for discharging cargo at mid-stream

          (Circular no. TM/S/11-3/9 of 99-00 dated 30th August 2006) ..more

  • Introduction of concessional Box Rate for Stuffing/Destuffing of Containers at Mumbai Port

          (Circular no. TM/C/3-93/II/8 of 2004-05 dated 30th August 2006) ..more

         Forms for Advanced deposit towards Container related charges for Gantry berth / Non Gantry berth (Foreign Voyage)

  • Entry of Vessels into Port Rules,05

          (Circular no. DC/C-SH/3382 dated 29th July 2006) ..more

  • Improving utilization of Rail Container Depot,Cotton Depot for rail borne traffic

          (Circular no. C/3-93/TM/Circular/ 7of 88-89 dated28th July 2006) ..more

  • Entry of Vessels into Port Rules,05
    (Circular no. DC/C-SH/3020 dated 5th July 2006)  Page 1 2
  • Entry of Vessels into Port Rules,05
    (Circular no. DC/C-SH/2910 dated 26th June 2006) Page 1 2 3 45 6 7 8
  • I.V. Barges plying beyond I.V. limits - permission for
    (Circular no. DC/C-SH/2909 dated 26th June 2006) Page 1 2
  • Panamax size vessels at inner anchorage during monsoon season
    (Circular no. DC/C-SH/2908 dated 26th June 2006) ..more
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