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Nomination of area storage of Ammonium Sulphate u/s 3.3(A)(II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates

(No. TM/D/4-3/33 dated 27.12.2019) 

Unavailability of berth at Pir Pau (PP) and Jawahar Dweep (MOT-JD) - Reconditioning of existing Fire Fighting Systems

(No. DC/C-SH/7603 dated 20.12.2019) 

Grant of 6 free days following the date of Vessel Completing Discharging (VCD) for Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. (RCF Ltd.)’s cargo discharged in Stream and brought by the barges at Hay Bunder in line with cargo discharged in stream and brought by barges in Indira Dock

(TM/B/10-4/32 dated 16.12.2019) 

Storage facility for import pulses at 12A ID and 12B ID sheds for Storage of Pulses under Provision of Section 3.3 (A)(II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates (SOR) for the period of 60 days from VCD

(TM/A/15-33/31 dated 13/12/2019) 

Rebate in wharfage charges of import onion consignment

(TM/D/4-3/ 30 dated 13.12.2019)  

Usage of Port Community System (PCS1x) by all Stakeholders


Unavailability of berth at Pir Pau (PP) and Jawahar Dweep (MOT-JD) - Reconditioning of existing Fire Fighting Systems 

(No. DC/C-SH/7332 dated 09.12.2019)

Receipt of payment through Razorpay/PCS.

(No. RM/HC-1/2019/1792 dated 06.12.2019) 

Nomination of area for storage of Ammonium Sulphate under Section 3.3(A)(II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates.

(No. TM/D/4-3/29 dated 03.12.2019) 

Storage facility for import pulses at 12 B ID temporary shed under section 3.3 (A) (II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates (SOR)    (In Hindi)

(No. TM/A/15-33/27A dated 30.11.2019)

Closure of Old Pir Pau Berth & Elephanta Explosive Anchorage for Ships

(No. DC/C-SH/7037 dated 26.11.2019)

Usage of PCS1x by all Stakeholders       (In Hindi )

(No.TM/D/1-1/PCS/27 dated 25.11.2019)

Director General of Shipping’s order no 5 of 2019 - Regarding Prohibition of single use plastics 

(No. DC/C-SH/6996 dated 22.11.2019)

Unavailability of berth at Pir Pau(PP) and Jawahar Dweep (MOT-JD): Reconditioning of existing Firefighting Systems

(No. DC/C-SH/6820 dated 18.11.2019) 

Revision / Review of Scale of Rates – Permits and charges for Buses, Mini Buses and Motor Cycles

(No. TM/D/4-3/26 of 2019-20 dated 18.11.2019) 

Concessional rates for demurrage on export of agricultural products

(No. TM/D/4-3/24 dated 16.11.2019)  

Grant of extended free days for levy of demurrage on Import Cargo and Licence (Storage) fees on containers

(No. TM/M/13-5/Circular/23 of 95-96 dated 16.11.2019) 

Grant of concessional free days for Import / coastal consignments of Iron & Steel - Extension of

(No. TM/M/13-5/ Circular/22 of 95-96 dated 16.11.2019)  


(No. TM/C/3-93/II/25 of 2004-05 dated 16.11.2019)

Discontinuation of issuance of manual Stream / JD/PP Permits


Pre-shipment facilities for storage of export cargo.

(No. TM/A/15-22/19 dated 18.10.2019)

Grant of Holiday on account of General Assemble Elections, 2019 in Maharashtra.

(No. TM/N/1-1/17 dtd 18.10.2019)

Discount / Concessional rate in Anchorage charges w.e.f.03.10.2019 

(DC/B-OSC/CIR/(2019)/1287 dated 01.10.2019) 

Rationalisation of Tariff for Domestic Cruise vessel in India

(TM/B/11-2/19 of 2009-10 dated 11.10.2019)  

Introduction of permits for buses, mini buses, passenger vans and motor cycles

(No. TM/D-4/18 of 2019-20 dated 27.09.2019)  

Closure of Train Examiner’s section

(No. RM/RT-5/2019/1099 dated 21.09.2019) 

Implementation of DMICDC’s Logistic Data Bank Service across the Major Port Terminal of India - regarding

(No. TM/D/1-1/DMICD/17 dated 17.09.2019)

Implementation of Revised Scale of Rates of Mumbai Port Trust effective from 03.10.2019  

(No. TM/D/4-3/16 of 2019-20 dated 11.09.2019) | Circular no. TM/D/4-3/21 dated 18.11.2019 | Corrigendum  

Storage facilities for import agri products

(No. TM/D/4-3/15 dated 30.08.2019) 

Revision of Port charges payable to Port Trusts 

(Railway Board circular no. TCR/1055/95/1 dated 28.08.2019)         

Advance Payment of Vessel Related Charges 

(No. DC/C-SH/5388 dated 27.08.2019)

Preparedness to deal with EBOLA VIRUS at the Port of entry   | Circular from Port Health Organisation

(Circular no. DC/C-PHO/19/5298 dated 21.08.2019)

Circular no. DC/C-FLAGS/5076 dated 08.08.2019 

Workshop by Customs on 19.07.2019 "Same Day Clearance".   | (In Hindi)

(Circular no. TM/S-29/CCFC/16 of 2019-20 dated 26.07.2019)

Workshop by Customs on 19.07.2019 "Same Day Clearance". 

(Circular no. TM/S-29/CCFC/15 of 2019-20 dated 24.07.2019)

Implementation of Access Control System (ACS) | User Manual for Stream Permit

(Circular no. DC/C-Cir/19/3816 dated 23.07.2019) 

To All Port Users 

(DC/C-Circular/3725 dated 19.07.2019)

Utilization of Centralized Port Reception Facility Portal Swatchh Sagar

(DC/DPCC/Port Reception/495 date 19.07.2019)

All ship masters of vessels visiting port of Mumbai

(DC/PFSO/CIR/2019/3665 dated15.07.2019)

Parking of vehicles (4 Wheelers/2Whellers) at designated places in the Docks

(Circular no. TM/S-1/14 dated 11.07.2019) 

Medical Examination of Dock Workers

(Circular no. TM/HD/3-2/244 dated 08.07.2019) 

Compliance of Safety Norms inside Docks

(Circular no. TM/S-1/13 of 2019-20 dated 06.07.2019) 

Improving productivity and Turn Round Time (TRT) of Vessels – deployment of Private Manpower for handling of Cargoes in Docks in case of short supply of OBL Gangs

(Circular no. TM/S-1/12 dated 29.06.2019) 

Inner Anchorage berth for 11.8 mtrs. draft vessel

(Circular no. DC/C-C-SH/3415 dated 28.06.2019) 

Levy of parking charges for open areas being used by transporters for parking Mobile Cranes, Forklifts and other Cargo/Container Handling Equipment engaged in Docks

(Circular no. TM/M/9-1/11 of 2005-06 dated 15.06.2019) 

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of export Sugar at Indira Dock

(Circular no. TM/A/15-22/9 of 2019-20 dated 04.06.2019)

Cyclonic Storm (VAYU) - Warning

(Circular no. DC/C-SH/3055 dated 11.06.2019) 

Storage of pleasure yachts during monsoon period

(Circular no. TM/B/1-14/10 of 2001-02 dated 10.06.2019) 

Revised System Procedures (SP) for New/Renewal of Registration for issuance of Dock Entry Permit (DEPs)

Page 1 |  Page 2    (In Hindi)

(Circular no. TM/P-19/Permits/8 dated 28.05.2019)

Certificate under Section 197 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 relating deduction of tax at source at Lower rate for FY 2019-20

Certificate and Procedure to download the same 

(Note : Above certificate and procedure can also be viewed on Homepage in the section ’Latest Announcements’)

(Circular no. TM/B/6-1/TDS/07 dated 27.05.2019) 

Storage facilities for import Gypsum / MOP and other such bulk cargo at Mumbai Port Trust. 

(Circular no. TM/D/4-3/6 dated 14.05.2019) 

Change of recess hours during night shift in the month of Ramzan

(Circular no. TM/ZE/66-22/8/397      2019-20 dated 03.05.2019)

Monsoon Circulars

(Circular no.  DC/C-SH/2412, DC/C-SH/2414, DC/C-SH/2417 dated 04.02.2019)

Revised comprehensive Scale of Rates of Mumbai Port Trust effective from May 01, 2019 | List of Port Users

(Circular no. TM/D/4-3/5 dated 22.04.2019) 

Circular no. DC/PFSO/CIR/2019/2162 dated 20.04.2019 

Grant of Holiday on account of General Parliamentary Elections 2019  (in Hindi)

(No. TM/N/1-1/302 of 2019-20 dated 18.04.2019) 

Nomination of area for storage of Silica Sand under Section 3.3(A) (II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates.

(No. TM/D/4-3/3 of 2019-20 dated 04.04.2019)  

Tax Deduction at source (TDS) for the Financial Year 2019-20

(No.TM/B/6-1/TDS/2 of 2019-20 dated 04.04.2019) 

Instructions regarding intimation to CISF Before loading of Scrap/Garbage.

(No. TM/ID/46 of 2019-20 dated 02.04.2019) 

Volume Discount Scheme for Sugar

(No. TM/B-1/1 dated 01.04.2019) 

Levy of charges on container/containerized cargo brought by road from other ports to Mumbai Port for destuffing and delivery

(No. TM/C/3-93/40 of 1988-89 dated 22.03.2019)  

Levy of Mandatory User Charge (MUC) on containers towards the Logistics Data Bank (LDB) Service to be rendered by Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC), in the Scale of Rates of all the Major Port Trusts and terminals operating thereat for the year 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22

(No. TM/D/1-1/DMICDC/39 dated 18.03.2019) 

Naval firing practice

(No. DC/C-NM/1566 dated 18.03.2019) 

Supply of Gears / Equipments / Water

(No. TM/HM/WATERSUPPLY/1071   18-19 dated 18.03.2019) 

Issuance of fresh licenses and licenses which are expired for various categories viz. Ice Crushing Machine, Fish Auction, Ice Supplier, Water Supplier, Weighing Scale (Katawala) on recovery of licence fees under Section 6.1(B) at SOR revised w.e.f. 19.08.2016 at Sassoon Dock

(No.TM/BDR/NFJ/SDK/licences/4336 of 2018-19 dt.14.03.2019)

Extension of concessional Box rate for stuffing/destuffing of container at Mumbai Port

(No. TM/C/3-93/II/38 of 2004-05 dated 12.03.2019) 

Concessional rates for demurrage on export of sugar

(No. TM/A/15-22/37 dated 11.03.2019) 

Revision of Terminal Charges w.e.f. 01.04.2019 

(Rates Circular No.03 of 2019 of Railway Board)

Nomination of area for storage of MOP under Section 3.3 (A) (II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates

(TM/D/4-3/36 of 2018-19 dated 26.02.2019)  

Taking over of Dry Dock and 5,6,7,8 ID Berths by Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) 

(TM/B-1/35 dated 08.02.2019) 

Notice to Mariner

Berthing Circular


Mumbai Port Authority, India
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