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Year: 2020

Continuation of existing parking charges stipulated at section 9.7 of SOR for period of 3 months (No. TM/D/4-3/34 dated 30.12.2020)

Berthing Policy Circular (No. TM/B-1/33 dated 30.12.2020)

Announcement of 12 specific exemptions in Shahid Beheshti Port, Islamic Republic of Iran (No. TM./M/13-5/Circular/32 dated 21.12.2020)

Fixation of charges for Float on Float off Vessels operations at Mumbai Port anchorage (No. TM./M/13-5/Circular/31 dated 18.12.2020)

Berthing Policy (Circular) (No. TM./B-1/40 dated 17.03.2020)

Berthing Policy

Corrigendum for Cirucular No. TM/D/4-3/29 dated 14.12.2020. (No. TM/D/4-3/30 dated 15.12.2020)       

Nomination of area for storage of import pulses under Section 3.3(A)(II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates. (No.TM/D/4-3/29 dated.14.12.2020)

Concessional storage charges for cement cargo brought by Coastal vessels / MBCs in Docks (No.TM/BDC/CEMENT/28 dated 14.12.2020)

Rationalisation of Tariff for Cruise Vessels.  (No.TM/D/4-3/27 dated.09.12.2020) 

Increase in Free storage days for Calcite Chips cargo discharged and stored inside Docks (No.TM/BDC/Calcite Chips/26 dated 09.12.2020)

Remission of Ship-Breaking charges on account of lockdown period-Covid-19 pandemic  (No.TM/B/10/Circular/25 dated.07.12.2020)                                     

Rebate in Stevedoring charges for handling of Containers through vessels  (No.TM/S-11/24 dated.05.12.2020)

Mobile Application PCS1x (No. TM/ID/PCS/2986 dated 26.11.2020)

Mobile App PCS1x (Functionality)  

Circular (No:DC/C-SH/3347 dated.23.11.2020)

Grant of concessional free days for Import / coastal consignments of Iron & Steel - Extension of.

(No.TM/M/13-5/ Circular/23  of 95-96   dated 20.11.2020)

Grant of extended free days for levy of demurrage on Import Cargo and Licence (Storage) fees on containers.

(No.TM/M/13-5/ Circular/22  of 95-96   dated 20.11.2020) 

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of export cargo

(No. TM/A/15-22/21 dated 20.11.2020) 

Handling of Dry Bulk Cargo in Docks- Preventive measures to be followed for Pollution Control and Safety reg

(No. TM/ID/2362 dated 06.11.2020)

Assurance of safe pilot transfer arrangement for vessels calling at Mumbai Port

(No. DC/C-SH/3041 dated 29.10.2020)

Compensation on account of short supply of shore workers for vessel operations | (In Hindi)

(No. TM/S-11/20 dated 23.10.2020 ) 

Concessional storage charges for cement cargo brought by Coastal vessels/ MBCs in Docks

(No. TM/BDC/CEMENT/19 of 2020-21 dated 21.10.2020) 

Circular no DC/C-SH/2912 dated 19.10.2020 

Corrigendum to Circular bearing No. TM/D/4-3/16 of 2020-21 dated 14.10.2020 

Implementation of Revised rates at Section 9.7 of Chapter IX os SOR effective from Oct.16 2020  (No. TM/D/4-3/16 dated 14.10.2020)

Storage facilities for import Gypsum at Mumbai Port Trust

(No. TM/BDC/GYPSUM/16 dated 13.10.2020)  

Promulgation of coordinates of Submarine Power Cable - Reg.

(No. DC/C-NM/3561 dated 14.09.2020) 

Renewal of registration for issuance of Dock Entry Permits under the category of ’Condemned Ship Stores / Scrap Clearance’

(No. TM/HM/Registration/224 dated 11.09.2020)

Advance Payment of Vessel Related Charges

(No. DC/C-SH/2512 dated 09.09.2020) 

Extension of Storage facilities for import agricultural products and concessional storage upto 180 days, inside Docks at 12A ID, 12B ID, Temporary Shed at 12B ID and at Outlying Areas

(No. TM/D/4-3/15 of 2020-21 dated 08.09.2020) 

Certificate under Section 197 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 relating deduction of tax at source at Lower rate for F.Y. 2020-21 - reg. | TDS Certificate

(No. TM/B/6-1/TDS/14 of 2020-21 dated 02.09.2020)

Circular no. DC/PFSO/CIR/2020/2172 dated 05.08.2020 

Remission of charges on account of lockdown period –COVID-19 pandemic

(No.TM/B/Circular/13 of 18-19 dated 14.07.2020) 

Tax deducted at source on MbPT’s income for the F.Y. 2020-21

(No. TM/B/6-1/TDS/12 of 2020-21 dated 07.07.2020) 

Levy of parking charges for open areas being used by transporters for parking of Cargo / Container Handling Equipments engaged in Docks.

(No. TM/M/9-1/11 dated 29.06.2020) 

Corrigendum to the Order dated 24 July 2019 in case No.TAMP/5/2019-MBPT disposing of the proposal received from the Mumbai Port Trust (MBPT) for General Revision of its Scale of Rates notified in the Gazette of India Extraordinary (Part III Section 4) on 3 September 2019 vide Gazette No. 308

(No.TM/D/4-3/10 of 2019-20 dated 26.06.2020) 

Rebate in stevedoring charges for handling of containers through barges

(No. TM/S-11/9 dated 26.06.2020) 

Levy of parking charges for open areas being used by transporters for parking of Cargo / Container Handling Equipments engaged in Docks. 

(No. TM/M/9-1/8 dated 26.06.2020)

Storage facility for import MPO, MAP, DAP etc. at 12B ID temporary shed under Section 3.3 (A)(II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates (SOR)

(No. TM/A/15-33/7 dated 24.06.2020) 

Pre Arrival Notification of Security (PANS) for vessels calling Mumbai Port 

(No. DC/PFSO/Gen/2020/1885 dated 23.06.2020) 

Facility of berthing and discharging Fertilizer and Fertilizer Raw Materials like Ammonium Sulphate, MOP, MAP, DAP etc. from vessels at BPS/BPX berths and on reducing the draft, shifted to another berth in Indira Dock for continuing the vessel operations

(No. TM/A/15-33/6 dated 10.06.2020)  

Storage facility for import Ammonium Sulphate, at 12 BID temporary shed under Section 3.3 (A)(II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates (SOR)

(No. TM/A/15-33/5 dated 10.06.2020)

Clearance of import and shipment of export cargo by Custom House Brokers, Importers & Exporters.

(No. TM/P/19/DEP/04 of 2019-20 dated 04.06.2020) 

Certificate under Section 197 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 relating deduction of tax at source at Lower rate for FY 2019-20 - reg : 1 | 2

(No. TM/B/6-1/TDS/03 of 2020-21 dated 04.06.2020) 

Remission of charges on account of lockdown period –COVID-19 pandemic

(No. TM/B/Circular/02 of 18-19 dated 04.06.2020) 

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of export cargo

(No. TM/A/15-22/01 dated 28.05.2020) 

Circular Advance Payment of 50% of stevedoring charges  

Pleasure Yacht Circular No TM/B/1/14/Circular/74 dt 19.05.2020

Circular no. DC/C-SH/1703 dated 14.05.2020 

Circular no. DC/C-SH/1685 dated 02.05.2020)

Availability of anchorages during monsoon period 2020

(No. DC/C-SH/1684 dated 02.05.2020) 

Levy of parking charges for open areas being used by transporters for parking of cargo / container handling equipments engaged in Docks

(No. TM/M/9-1/33 dated 30.04.2020)   

SOP for signing off of Indian crew from Cruise Ship in Mumbai Port

(No. TM/BDC/SOP - CRUISE CREW/01 dated 27.04.2020)

Certificate under section 197 of the Income Tax Act 1961 - relating deduction of Tax at source at lower rate

(No. DC/B-OSC/IT/TDS/FY2020-21/445 dated 27.04.2020) 

Deferment of vessel related charges of Indian costal vessels on account of lockdown period -COVID -19 pandemic

(No. TM/B/Circular/15 of 18-19  dated 23.04.2020)

Remission of charges on account of lockdown period COVID19 pandemic

(Date : 23.04.2020)               


Withhold Smart Card Registration in MbPT Hospital w.e.f. 19.03.2020

(No.Hosp/COVID 19/11297 dated 18.03.2020)

Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) to handle Coronavirus (COVID-19) at Mumbai Port (for Tankers)

Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) to handle Coronavirus(COVID-19) at Mumbai Port (for Vessels other than Tankers)

(No.DC/C-SH/1549 dated 17.03.2020)

Levy of charges on container/containerized cargo brought by road from other Ports to Mumbai Port for destuffing and delivery

(TM/C/3-93//42 of 1988-89 dated 18.03.2020)

Extension of concessional box rate for stuffing/destuffing of containers at Mumbai Port

(TM/C/3-93/II/41 of 2004-05 dated 18.03.2020)

Storage facilities for import Gypsum-MOP and other such bulk cargo at Mumbai Port Trust

(No.TM/D/4-3/M-230 dated 16.03.2020

Costal transportation of automobiles / vehicles through Ro-Ro vessels/Ships - Discount regarding


Use of Bravo Anchorage

(No.DC/C-SH/1345 dated 07.03.2020)

Providing Reception facilities for

( No.DC/DPCC/PCC-02/2017/99 dated 05.03.2020)

Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak in Wuhan City, Hubei province of China - reg.

(No. DC/C-PHO/704 dated 01.02.2020) 

Volume Discount Scheme for Sugar

(No. TM/B-1/37 dated 13.01.2020)

Concessional rates for demurrage on export of sugar

(TM/A/15-22/38 dated 13.01.2020)  

Unavailability of berth at Pir Pau (PP) and Jawahar Dweep (MOT-JD) : Reconditioning of existing Fire Fighting System 

(DC/C-SH/211 dated 10.01.2020)

Storage of import pulses in the outlying areas of Docks.

(No. TM/A/15-33/36 dated 09.01.2020)

Berthing Plan for Cargo Ships at OCT - To mitigate the effect on Cruise ships visiting BPS, BPX and revenue thereof

(No. TM/B-1/35 dtd. 07.01.2020) 

Grant of additional free storage period for Imported onions 

(No. TM/D/4-3/Circular/34 dated 02.01.2020) 

Circular for Smart Card registration of Retired Employees

Proforma for Medical Registration  (No. Hosp./ PPP/67/9486)

Mumbai Port Authority, India
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