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Transporters disobeying safety norms

(No. TM/ID/Dock Safety/2425 of 2022-23 dated 29.03.2023) 

Change of recess hours during second and night shift in the month of Ramzan

(No. TM/ZE/66-22/2943 of 2022-23 dated 20.03.2023)  

Transporters disobeying safety norms

(No. TM/ID/Dock Safety/2322 of 2022-23 dated 10.03.2023) 

Storage facilities for import Gypsum/ MOP and other such bulk cargo at Mumbai Port

(NO.TM/D/4-3/47 dated 15.03.2023) 

Circular no. DC/C-SH/2023/826 dated 09.03.2023 

Submission of information of Launch Owners and Operators for better services

(No. M/OSC/KYC/Launch/97 dated 15.02.2023) 

SOP for Cancellation of Gate Pass and issuance of New Gate Pass for delivery of cargo

(No. TM/D/GATE PASS/2040 of 2022-2023 dated 20.01.2023) 

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of Export Cargo

(No. TM/A/15-22/46 dated 13.01.2023) 

Celebration of Republic Day

(No. DC/C-FLG/124 dated 11.01.2022)

Declaration of Security

(No. PFSO/ISPS/2023/123 dated 10.01.2023)


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