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Permission of Photography / Video shooting

Requests are received for :


i)  Video Shooting / photography of cargo on board or of loading/unloading of

    cargo from surveyors and other port-users for evidence, record or

    publicity of consignees;


ii)  Still or movie shooting of any cargo / activity at the docks or bunders for
    purpose of publicity;


iii) Taking still photographs or shooting films in the docks, bunders or harbour
    for making documentary / educational and public service 


iv) Shooting of commercial film scene; and


v)   Shooting of scenes for advertisement or television films. 


Generally the applications are received for all categories in the Secretary’s Department.  However, permission to (i) is also given by the Traffic Department.  It is pointed out that consequent to implementation of the ISPS, no shooting is allowed in the docks. However, in exceptional cases, requests for shooting of documentary films for promotion of the city and the port, are considered.   Permission at the Gateway of India is not permissible except Maharashtra State Government functions

(A) Steps : 

(i) Submission of application for permission 

     Application Form


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(ii) Payment to be made by demand draft   Tariff          Pay online
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(iii) Granting of Permission     
(iv) Submission of Application to claim refund of deposit paid  


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Approving Authority The Secretary, MbPT. (In some cases, The Chairman, MbPT)
Processing Duration 2-3 days (per scrutiny level) for all applications from the date of submission of valid application along with required documents.
Application Scrutiny Levels 3    levels scrutiny for all applications

(i) Chief Public Relations Officer (ii) Secretary (iii) Concerned Head of the Department


(B) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(C) Terms and Conditions


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