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Daily Dock Entry Permit
Dock Entry Permits for Drivers and Cleaners of Vehicles registered with the Port
Duplicate Smart Card
Duplicate Vehicle Permit
Fresh Dock Entry Permit for longer duration
Fresh Monthly Dock Entry Permit
Issue / renewal of Harbour craft licence for barge / yacht
Issue / renewal of passenger boat licence
Issue and renewal of pass pilot licence / plying permission for barge
Long term Vehicle Permit
One day Vehicle Permit
Permission of cruise party in Stream / Sea
Permission of Photography / Video shooting
Permission to swim
Renewal of Monthly Dock Entry Permit
Renewal of Smart card
Stream / Jawahar Dweep and Pir Pau passes
Temporary Dock Entry Permit
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Issue and renewal of pass pilot licence / plying permission for barge

The Licence / Permission is issued by Deputy Conservator, Mumbai Port Trust under the provisions of Section 31 of the Indian Ports Act, 1908 and Section 72 of Inland Vessel Act 1917 to ply in Mumbai Harbour without Mb.P.T.’s Pilot

(A) Steps :

(i) Submission of application   Checklist

Apply Online
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(ii) Submission of application to
    Administrative Officer,
    Operation Service Centre

Apply Online
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(iii) Submission of original
     documents for inspection
(iv) Payment of Water
      conveyance charges and Port

Pay Online
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(iii) Issue of licence         Issue Online
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Approving Authority

Administrative Officer, Port Department

Processing Duration

____ day/s (per scrutiny level ) for all other applications from the date of submission of valid application along with required documents. 

Application Scrutiny Levels

____ levels scrutiny for all applications

(B) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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