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Pensioner Portal



All the Pensioners are hereby requested to submit their Life Certificates for year 2023 through Digital Life Certificate (DLC) in the Month of November 2022 Pensioners over 80 years can submit LC in October 2022 also. It helps to continue your pension seamlessly for the year 2023 as it gets uploaded automatically on system. 


 Requirements for DLC are as under:-


i)             Aadhar Number – Aadhar No. of Pensioner/ Family Pensioner

ii)            PPO number of the Pensioner/ Family Pensioner.

iii)          Disbursing Authority – Mumbai Port Trust/ Authority.

iv)          Sanctioning Authority - Mumbai Port Trust/ Authority.



i)             Those who are employed/ married after retirement must submit the details of employment/ marriage.

ii)            in whose cases finger prints not being read by Biometric Device may submit their certificates duly attested alongwith Medical Certificate duly signed by registered Medical Officer.

iii)          Pensioners residing abroad can submit their life certificate through respective Indian Consulate office/ Indian embassy office.




By Order

(Smt. P. M. Dabholkar)                                                                    

         Financial Adviser and

         Chief Accounts Officer (I/c.)





List of Pensioners who have done DLC as on 29.11.2022 : Click here


List of Pensioners who have done DLC as on 07.03.2022 : Click here





As sanctioned by the Board, it is informed that-


1. Those pensioners who have done Digital Life Certificate (DLC) through India Post, from January 2021 till 25/10/2021

    need not submit life certificate during Oct 2021/ Nov 2021 to continue their pension for next year from January 2022. 

    To see name of such pensioners please Click Here


2. Pensioners whose names are not appearing in the list are requested to visit to the nearest Post Office and carry out

    the process of physical verification/ Digital Life Certificate in order to continue pension seamlessly.


3. Those Pensioners whose finger prints are not readable by Biometric device may submit life certificates signed/ certified 

    by  Medical Doctor.




          List of Pensioners who have completed DLC successfully | Pensioners whose fingerprints are not readable on machine i.e. Biometric issue |

                    Pensioners whose complete addresses are not available | Pensioners who denied physical verification | Pensioners phone not reachable |

                    Pensioners residing abroad | Pensioners Expired/Death 


  • Circular no. FA/PEN/Physical Verification/278 dated 12.02.2021  



  • Pension Regulations

          Part I  |  Part II  |  Part III  |  Part IV  |  Part V  |  Part VI  |  Part VII  |  Part VIII  |  Part IX  |  Part X  |  Part XI  |  Part XII  |  Part XIII

  • Form of Life Certificate / employment / remarriage declaration  in English | in Marathi    


   (Page Updated on 30.11.2022)

MbPT Successfully enters in the era of accepting Digital Life Certificate
Notice for Pensioners

Mumbai Port Authority, India
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