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Circular PFSO/CIR/2017/08 dated 18th October 2017
Unauthorized thuraya sets/ Satellite phones on yachts / pleasure Crafts
Declaration of Security
PFSO Circular 17/07
Application cum Deposit receipt for Advance Deposit towards Vessel related charges
Application cum Deposit receipt for payment of Shortfall Bills / outstanding payment from party
Form of receipt for payment of Oil Pollution Cess Rules 3(4)
Format for party registration for Sand Barges / Launches / Passenger Vessels in IPOS system
Issue and renewal of Harbour Craft Licence for Barge or Yacht
Issue and renewal of Pass Pilot Licence / Plying permission for
Issue and renewal of Passenger Boat Licence
Levy of Anchorage Fees on hourly basis
Levy of Oil Pollution Cess at Port of Bombay
Levy of Oil Pollution Cess under Section 350 m of M.S. Act and M.J Oil Pollution Cess Levy Rule 1988
Licensing and control of pilots regulations 2007
Permission for carrying out under water survey repairs of vessel
Permission for chipping and painting of vessel
Permission for Cruise Party in Stream / Sea
Permission for handling of dangerous cargo
Permission for removal of used oil / waste oil from vessels visiting Mumbai Port
Permission for supply of fresh water to ship
Permission of bunkering / discharging
Procedure for allotment of stream berth
Procedure for shifting of vessels to and from stream berth sailing from stream berth and transitting to and from ONGC berths and Dharmtar
Reduction of limit charging Pier Dues from 8 hours to per hour basis
Registration of Companies for Under water survey and repairs at Berth / Mumbai Harbour
Registration with MbPT Port Department as shipping Agent
Submission of documents by Shipping Companies required for billing purpose
Swimming permission
Waste reception facility at Mumbai Port
ISPS Circular for All Ship Masters of Vessels visiting Port of Mumbai
Operation of Launch service
Reporting of Pans on arrival AORPL
Usage of Thuraya/Irridum and other such Satellite Communication in Indian waters.
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Declaration of Security

Circular no. PFSO/ISPS/2023/1481 dated 27.04.2023 

Circular no. PFSO/ISPS/2023/123 dated 10.01.2023

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