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 »  Application for berth
 »  Application for claiming refund of Port Trust charges excess paid
 »  Application for repairs to ships at cargo working berths
 »  Carting Permission
 »  Clearance of dunnage wood, scrap, sludge oil etc
 »  Container Load Plan for FCL Container
 »  Export Procedure
 »  Application for aggregation / storage of cargo for export Bay allotment
 »  Delivery note for bay allotment at Grain Depot
 »  List of documents required for cheque drawing facility
 »  List of documents required for registration as Vessel Agent
 »  Opening of new P.D. account or additional account
 »  Revised list of documents required to be submitted for allotment of Line code for Container Operators in the Mumbai Port
 »  Storage of import / export cargo in sheds at Grain Depot
 »  Working Manuals
 »  PDR for advance deposit towards vessels related charges
 »  PDR formats for Container Related Charges
 »  Permission for carrying out hot work on Board vessels in wet docks
 »  Procedure for allotment of nominated site
 »  Procedure for clearance of SEEPZ cargo
 »  Procedure for deployment of private watchmen in docks
 »  Procedure for destuffing of longstanding containers
 »  Procedure for discharging of import cargo direct on to consignee’s trailers
 »  Procedure for Hot works / Repairs carrying out on the vessel
 »  Procedure for obtaining permission for bunkering
 »  Standard Operating Procedure For International Cruise Tourism At Mumbai Port Trust

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