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  Delivery of LCL containerised cargo
Shed forwarding of cargo
Passing of Bill of entry and delivery of consignment
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 (A) Steps :


(i) Posting the list of LCL container of a
    particular vessel



(ii) Receipt of CLP duly certified for
     hazardous cargo from the Agent



(iii) Checking of physical container seal no.
     with the seal no. shown in CLP



(iv) Destuffing of LCL container 



(v) Marking of vessel name, IGM no. and
     Item no. on the destuffed package



(vi) Storing of destuffed packages
      vesselwise and congisnmentwise



(vii) Counting and checking of all the
       packages destuffed



(viii) Submission of details in case of 
       discrepancies, if any, in prescribed



Approving Authority

Shed Supdt., Asstt. Shed Supdt.,  Labour Supervisor,

CMC Clerk, Tally Clerk, Sorter

Processing Duration


Application Scrutiny Levels


(B) Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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