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Tally and delivery of FCL containers

(A) Steps :   

(i) Labour Supervisor checks the
    validity Agent’s Gang Delivery
    Order for destuffing and
    permit destuffing.



(ii) Verifying container numbers
    with Shed Delivery Order.
    Keeping tally of cargoes  
    while The cargo is destuffed
    from the FCL container and
    directly loaded on the lorry.



(iii) Verification of marks, number,
     description of package



(iv) Preparation of gate pass
and entry of details on
     reverse of Shed Delivery



(v) Entry of  Chappa no.,
     date and shift of delivery in
     the Shed import container



(vi) Handing over of Bill of 
      Entry, gate pass to CHA



(vii) Verification of documents
      and payment of charges



(viii) Checking of gate pass
       particulars with Bill of 
       Entry particulars and
      packages in the lorry.



(ix) Endorsement on the
     reverse of Gate pass and
     making entries in Gate
     Delivery Register and P.T.
     copy of Bill of Entry.



Approving Authority Labour Supervisor, Tally Clerk, CMC Clerk, Shed Supdt., Asstt. Shed Supdt., Gate Inspector, Gate Asstt
Processing Duration  
Application Scrutiny Levels  

(B) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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