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Application for placement of wagons at siding for loading/unloading:
Application for storage of cargo in sheds
Carting permission to vessel agents
Carting under preshipment storage facility
Claiming of remission in cargo related demurrage and wharfage charges recovered and refund of Port Trust charges excess paid
Clearance of dunnage, wood, scrap, sludge oil etc.
Clearance of SEEPZ cargo
Deployment of private Watchmen in docks
Issue of LRC / SLC / NDC certificate
Loading /booking of rakes
Recovery of Port Trust charges on containerized / non containerized cargo
Supply of rake /wagons for loading
Unloading of wagons/delivery of cargo
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Supply of rake /wagons for loading

Indent for supply of empty rake for loading and dispatching cargo to various destinations is placed by a consignor or his agents from Docks (Station BPTV) at Sr. Dy. Traffic Manager, ID Office and from Grain Depot (Station BPTG). On receipt of indent by the Goods Clerk, information of the same is conveyed to the Railway Manager and thereafter, the indent for supply of rake/wagons is placed on Central Railway.

(A) Steps :

(i) Submission of indent   (ii) Sanction of indent

(1) At the time of indent, Party will make payment towards Through Freight, Terminal Charges, Siding Charges (as applicable), Demurrage and Wagon Registration Fee (WRF) at Grain Depot of Railway Division, Traffic Department.
(2) ID office before processing of any indent through docks will ensure that the party has made payment towards Through Freight, Terminal Charges, Siding Charges and Wagon Registration Fee (WRF).
(3) If the indent is cancelled, WRF will be forfeited & remitted to Central Railway. The charges collected towards Through Freight, Terminal Charges, Siding Charges will be adjusted against the “demurrage on cancellation of indent” charge.

Approving authority Inside Docks : The Sr. Dy. Traffic Manager
Outside Docks : The Railway Manager

Processing duration

Wagon supply as per the availability

1 day
Application Scrutiny levels

2 levels scrutiny for all application. 

(i) ID Office, if applicable.
(ii) Station Master/Goods Clerk
(iii) Sanction by the Railway Manager

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