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Carting under preshipment storage facility

CHAs/ Exporters who wish to avail pre-shipment facility (a maximum of 30 free days)  for their cargo in ID/P&V Docks, obtain carting permission from Sr. Dy. Traffic Manager,  ID/P&V Docks. 

(A) Steps :


(i) Application for carting with full
    details of quantity and nature
    of cargo to be carted through PCS

    Application Form


Apply Online 


(ii) Grant of permission  to CHA /
    Shipper (Allocation of space)  by
    Dy. Traffic Manager, ID/ P&V Docks
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(iii) Grant of carting by Shed Supdt.    
(iv) Entry through Gate of CHA’s / 
    Shipper’s vehicles loaded with
    export cargo under shipping bill and
    carting chit.
(v) Carting of cargo under shipping bill
    and cart chit  at the allotted


Approving Authority

Dy. Traffic Manager, ID/ P&V Docks

Processing Duration

Immediately after the submission of application during office hours

Application Scrutiny Levels

1 level scrutiny for all applications


(B) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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