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Concessional Schemes for the Trade

The following concessions are granted by Traffic Department.  Port users are requested to take note of these CONCESSIONS and avail these facilities.

Export of Organic Soyameal in bulk from Mumbai Port

(No. TM/Z/1-59 dated 09.06.2021)    Valid till 31.12.2021

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of export cargo

(No. TM/A/15-22/56 dated 19.05.2021)    Valid till 11.11.2021

Directions under Section 111 of Major Port Trust Act, 1963 regarding handling of vessels containing COVID related cargo

(No. TM/B/Circular/54 dated 29.04.2021) 

Rebate in stevedoring charges for handling of bulk cargo on account of non supply of GPMs

(No. TM/S-11/52 dated 28.04.2021)     Valid till 31.10.2021

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of export cargo

(No. TM/A/15-22/51 dated 23.04.21)    Valid till 11.11.2021

Storage facilities for Import Gypsum/ MOP and other such bulk cargo at Mumbai Port Trust

(No.TM/D/4-3/46 dated 16.03.2021)  Valid till 15.03.2022

Levy of charges on container/ containerised cargo brought by road from other Ports to Mumbai Port for destuffing and delivery

(No. TM/C/3-93/44 dated 05.03.2021)   Valid till 31.03.2022

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of export cargo

(No. TM/A/15-22/41 dated 25.02.2021)    Valid till 11.11.2021

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of Export Sugar at Indira Dock 

(TM/A/15-22/38 dated 18.01.2021)   Valid till 31.12.2021

Grant of extended free days for Mafis at par with containers

(No. TM/M/13-5/ Circular/40 dated 10.02.2021)      Valid till 19.11.2021

Concessions for export of all agricultural products like sugar, rice, soybean meals, wheat, maize, etc.

(No. TM/A/15-22/ Circular/43 dated 04.03.2021)  Valid till 31.12.2021

Grant of Concessional free days for Import / coastal consignments of Iron & Steel - Extension of.  

(No.TM/M/13-5/36 of 95-96  dated 06.01.2021)  Valid till 19.11.2021

Concessional storage charges for cement cargo brought by Coastal vessels / MBCs in Docks

Circular (No. TM/BDC/CEMENT/19 dated 21.10.2020) | Corrigendum (No.TM/BDC/CEMENT/28 dated 14.12.2020)   Valid till 20.10.2021

Rationalisation of Tariff for Cruise Vessels

(No.TM/D/4-3/27 dated.09.12.2020)   Valid till 13.08.2021

Increase in Free storage days for Calcite Chips cargo discharged and stored inside Docks

(No.TM/BDC/Calcite Chips/26 dated 09.12.2020)  Valid till 08.06.2021

Rebate in Stevedoring charges for handling of Containers through vessels 

(No.TM/S-11/24 dated.05.12.2020) (Continuous)

Compensation on account of short supply of shore workers for vessel operations

(No. TM/S-11/20 dated 23.10.2020 )     Valid till 23.04.2021

Grant of extended free days for levy of demurrage on Import Cargo and Licence (Storage) fees on containers

(No.TM/M/13-5/ Circular/22  of 95-96 dated 20.11.2020) Valid till 19.11.2021  

Pre-shipment facilities for storage of export cargo 

(No. TM/A/15-22/21 dated 20.11.2020) Valid till 11.11.2021

Storage facilities for import Gypsum at Mumbai Port Trust

(No. TM/BDC/GYPSUM/16 dated 13.10.2020)  Valid till 15.05.2021

Extension of Storage facilities for import agricultural products and concessional storage upto 180 days, inside Docks at 12A ID, 12B ID, Temporary Shed at 12B ID and at Outlying Areas

(No. TM/D/4-3/15 of 2020-21 dated 08.09.2020)  Valid till 31.07.2021

Rebate in stevedoring charges for handling of containers through barges

(No. TM/S-11/9 dated 26.06.2020)  (Continuous)

Facility of berthing and discharging Fertilizer and Fertilizer Raw Materials like Ammonium Sulphate, MOP, MAP, DAP etc. from vessels at BPS/BPX berths and on reducing the draft, shifted to another berth in Indira Dock for continuing the vessel operations

(No. TM/A/15-33/6 dated 10.06.2020)  (Continuous)

Storage facility for import Ammonium Sulphate, at 12 BID temporary shed under Section 3.3 (A)(II) of Chapter III of Scale of Rates (SOR)

(No. TM/A/15-33/5 dated 10.06.2020)    (Continuous)

Extension of concessional box rate for stuffing/destuffing of containers at Mumbai Port.

(No. TM/C/3-93/II/41 of 2004-05 dated 18.03.2020)      Valid till 29.03.2021

Levy of charges on containers / containerized cargo brought by Road from other Ports to Mumbai Port for de-stuffing and delivery.

(TM/C/3-93/II/42 of 2004-05 dated 18.03.2020) Valid till 31.03.2021

Storage facilities for import Gypsum-MOP and other such bulk cargo at Mumbai Port Trust.

(No.TM/D/4-3/M-230 dated 16.03.2020)    Valid till 15.03.2021 

Coastal transportation of automobiles / vehicles through Ro-Ro vessels/Ships - Discount regarding

(No.TM/D/4-3/39 dated 03.03.2020)   Valid till 13.03.2022

Grant of additional free storage period for imported onions

(TM/D/4-3/Circular/34 dated 02.01.2020)  (Continuous)


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