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MbPA : Special Planning Authority (SPA)

Hearing Notice for suggestions objections  

Notification dated 23.04.2018 | Public Notice dated 01.06.2018 | Gazette Notification dated 27.12.2018


1. Draft Report on Planning Proposals

(a) Draft Report on Planning Proposals - English 

(b) Draft Report on Planning Proposals - Marathi

(c) Appendix 1

(d) Appendix 2

(e) Appendix 3 - English

(f) Appendix 3 - Marathi

(g) Annexure 1 & 2 - English

(h) Annexure 1 - Marathi


(a) DCPR - English 

(b) DCPR-Marathi


3. Marathi Legends  

(Government Submission on 28.02.2020)


(i) Appendix- 2 Form of Notice and first Application for development (ii) Appendix- 3 List of special purpose NOCs (iii) Annexure- 1 Particulars of Development (iv) FORM I (v) FORM II (vi) Annexure- 2 Form of supervision acceptance (vii) Annexure- 3 Plot area certificate (viii) Annexure- 4 Owner’s plot area affidavit (ix) Annexure- 5 Supervision memo of structural engineer (x) Annexure- 6 Supervision memo of licensed plumber (xi) Annexure- 7 Supervision memo of site supervisor (xii) Annexure- 8 Supervision memo of other professional on record (xiii) Annexure- 9 Form for Supervision (xiv) Annexure- 13 Form of Notice for Start of Work (xv) Annexure- 14 Form of Intimation of Completion of Work up to Plinth Level (xvi) Annexure- 16 Form for Development Completion Certificate (xvii) Annexure- 17 Drainage Completion Certificate (xviii) Annexure- 18 Building Completion Certificate (xix) Annexure- 21 Form of Indemnity for Part Occupancy Certificate (xx) Annexure- 24 Particulars of Development for Redevelopment Site (xxi) FORM I (xxii) FORM II

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