3.5 Subsidy to co-operative canteens :

The present practice is to obtain whenever a co-operative canteen of employees is formed, the Board’s sanction to meet out of the Welfare Fund, 50% of the wages on staff, the wage rates to be paid to such staff being fixed with the Chairman’s prior approval, the cost of one-time expenditure on items like furniture, equipment, first supply of uniforms to canteen staff, etc. In the case of the third shift canteen in the hospital, the cost of wages of the staff is met in full. Sanction exists to expenditure being incurred by the Chief Accountant on this scale on the existing canteens. The Chairman has decided that this arrangement may also be continued.

In future, whenever canteens of employees are formed or any additional assistance or facility is sought by the existing canteens, the Chief Labour Officer should seek the Chairman’s sanction in each case through the Chief Accountant.