5. Expenditure from the Fund

            The objects on which the Fund may be expended shall be the following, namely :

(a) payment of claims for salaries, wages, etc., preferred after such salaries, wages, etc., are transferred to the Fund under clause (b) of regulation 3;

(b) donations, subscriptions and gifts to institutes, clubs, etc. connected with the welfare of employees and their families;

(c) grant subsidy and other forms of monetary assistance to co-operative consumer stores and co-operative canteens run by employees;

(d) loans at such concessional rates of interest as may be fixed by the Chairman from time to time to co-operative sonsumer stores and co-operative canteens run by employees;

(e) subsidy to the caterer-managed canteens meant for Port Trust employees;

(f) scholarships and prizes to children of employees and literacy classes, handicraft education and reading rooms and libraries for employees and members of their families;

(g) expenses on workers education scheme;

(h) grants for conducting sports, excursions, competitions, dramas, music, film shows, T.V. shows, bhajans, cultural programmes, etc. for employees and celebration of Independence Day, Republic Day, Maharashtra Day, Co-operative Week, Cleanliness Week, etc., by employees;

(i) grants for scout and guide groups of children of employees;

(j) special rewards to employees for saving of life and property and other meritorious acts within the Port;

(k) financial assistance to the employees and the members of their families in acute distress;

(l) reimbursement to employees of expenses incurred on medical relief, not covered by the Medical Attendance and Treatment Regulations;

(m) ex gratia monthly maintenance grant to employees suffering from T.B., Cancer, Paralysis or Leprosy in accordance with the scheme framed in that behalf by the Board and payment of such grant to physically handicapped employees on the same terms and conditions;

(n) rendering immediate financial relief to the families of employees who die or sustain serious injuries while on duty or while going to or returning from duty; and

(o) any other item of expenditure for the benefit of employees and their families at the discretion of the Chairman.