3. (1) Save as otherwise provided in these regulations, the concession is admissible to the Board’s employees including –

(a) `B’ Category Shore Workers; and

(b) Contract employees

Every employee appointed on contract basis shall be eligible for the concession on completion of one year’s continuous service, if the period of contract is more than one year. Where the initial contract is for one year but is later extended, the total duration of the contract shall be taken into account for this purpose.

The grant of the concession to employee on contract shall be subject to the condition :

(i) that the successive blocks of two years, or the successive blocks of four years in the case of such employees shall be reckoned from the actual dates of their joining posts under the Board;

(ii) that the appropriate administrative authority certifies at the time the employee concerned avails himself of the concession that he is likely to serve under the Board for a period of two years or four years, as the case may be, from the date of his joining a post under the Board. The admissibility of the concession during the subsequent two years period, or four years period, as the case may be, will also be subject to similar conditions.

(c) Retired employee re-employed – Retired employees who are re-employed are eligible for the concession on completion of one year’s continuous service subject to the condition laid down in regulation (b) above. But in the case of re-employment immediately after retirement the period of re-employment service may be treated as continuous with the previous service for the purpose of this concession and the concession allowed for the re-employed period (provided that the concession would have been admissible to the employee had he not retired).

(d) Persons who are employed under a State Government /Central Government/Autonomous Bodies/Public Sector Undertaking and are on deputation to Bombay Port Trust.

(2) The concession is not admissible to –

(a) employees of the Railway Department and the loco and wagon establishments of the Mechanical Engineering Department who are eligible for Free Passes and/or Privilege Ticket Orders under the terms and conditions governing their service;

(b) employees of the Railway Department and the Railway Engineering Section of the Civil Engineering Department who are in receipt of a monthly special Travelling Allowance in lieu of Free Passes and/or Privilege Ticket Orders formerly admissible to them;

(c) persons not in the whole time employ of the Board; or

(d) persons paid from contingencies.

(3) The concession is not admissible to an employee who has not completed one year of continuous service on the date of journey performed by him, or his family as the case may be. The condition of one year’s continuous service on the date of journey for admissibility of the concession is applicable equally to permanent employees and probationers as well as the temporary and officiating employees.

Note :

(a) The Board’s employee under suspension cannot avail of LTC as he cannot get any leave including casual leave during the period of suspension. As he continues to be in service during the period of suspension, members of his family are entitled to LTC.

(b) LTC to officers deputed to Port Trust –

The travel concession will automatically be admissible to officers who have come on deputation to Port Trust; it will be necessary to accord a specific sanction in this regard.

(c) Any changes brought about in the Central Civil Services LTC Rules shall mutatis mutandis be made applicable with effect from the same date to the Port Trust employees with the approval of the Board.