I.         Rules for the grant of leave to Port Trust employees for anti-rabic treatment at a recognized anti-rabic center. 

(T.R. No.273 of 1952) 

            (1)            Special casual leave upto a maximum of 20 days may be allowed to an employee who has been bitten or licked by a rabid dog or a suspected rabid animal and has actually undergone anti-rabic treatment at a recognized center for such treatment. This leave should be sanctioned only on the production of a certificate from the officer-in-charge of the anti-rabic center. 

            (2)            If leave in excess of 20 days is required, other leave as may be admissible under the rules may be allowed. Such additional leave will be debited to the leave account. 

            (3)            Leave for anti-rabic treatment to an employee whose maximum pay does not exceed Rs.350 p.m. may be granted by the head of the Department; in all other cases the sanction of the Chairman or the Board shall be necessary. 

II.  and III ) Brought out in one volume as BPT Employees (Leave Regulations, 1975, by TR No.311 of

 10.6.1975 (effective from 21.8.1975).