10. Concession restricted within India :

(a) Any place in India will cover any place within the territory of India whether it is on the mainland, India or oversees connected by rail or partly connected by rail and partly connected by road or steamer services and not connected by rail. Any place in India includes the home town of the Board’s employee also.

(b) When the concession to visit any place in India is proposed to be availed of by the employee of the Board and/or member(s) of his family, the intended place of visit should be declared by the Board’s employee in advance to his Head of Department.

(c) The Board’s employee and/or member(s) of his family, as the case may be, must visit the declared place to become eligible for making the LTC claim. The journey may be performed by any route to the declared place of visit but the claim will be regulated with reference to the shortest direct route on a through ticket basis between the headquarters and the declared place of visit.

(d) The declared place of visit can be changed before the commencement of the journey, with the approval of the HOD and in case of HOD, Chairman/Dy. Chairman as the case may be. It cannot be changed after the commencement of the journey.