12. (1) Mode of preferring claims – Cash reimbursement in respect of journeys to home town and in respect of journeys to any place in India once in a block of four years shall be made on presentation of claims in Travelling Allowance Bill forms with the usual certificate to the effect that they had actually performed such journeys and travelled by the class of accommodation not lower than the one for which reimbursement is claimed.

(2) Prescribed Certificates – Two certificates, one from the concerned Head of Department and the other from the employee, as nearly as possible, as at Appendices I and II, shall be submitted to the Accounts Officer along with Travelling Allowance bill for travel concession.

(3) Obligatory evidence – The employee shall inform the Head of his Department or an officer designated by the Head of the Department in this behalf, before journeys for which assistance under these regulations is claimed are undertaken. He shall also produce such evidence of his having actually performed his journey, e.g. Serial Nos. of railway tickets, cash receipts as the Accounts Officer may prescribe from time to time. Relaxation of a minor nature, viz., in respect of production of Serial Nos. of railway tickets or cash receipts for railway tickets prior intimation to the Head of Department before the journeys are undertaken by the employee or their families or both under these regulations, may be made by the Head of Department and in case of Head of Department by Dy. Chairman or Chairman if he is otherwise satisfied in regard to genuineness of the claim and the bonafides of the journey having been performed.