Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who can apply ?

Agencies registered with MbPT for the said purpose can apply.


How to apply ?

Agency concerned has to submit an application as per format at Application Form with complete details of cargo to be handled along with letter from Master of the vessel.


Where to apply ?

Application to be submitted to Dy. Traffic Manager, Cargo Accountal.

4. How to make payment ?

The material discharged is weighed at MbPT weighbridge and as per the weight, the charges are recovered at Cash Office / Gates (Gate Cashier)


How the submitted application is further processed ?  

The request of the agency is examined by the office of Dy. Traffic Manager Cargo Accountal.  Permission is granted for discharging of material with Customs permission. Accordingly discharging of the materials is permitted from the vessel by Shed Supdt. concerned and discharging particulars are  recorded on the permission letter. In case of the discharging of materials from vessels in Hughes dry dock, the discharging particulars are recorded by Supdt. 1/2 ID.  In case of storage of material, the storage particulars are recorded by Shed Supdt. of  Storage location concerned. The materials are invariably weighed at MbPT weighbridge and the actual weight of the material is ascertained. Cash Supervisor/ Gate Cashier (at the gates) recovers port trust charges i.e. wharfage and demurrage if applicable on the actual weight of the materials. With necessary permission from the Customs, delivery of the materials is permitted.


In case of Customs directing the agency concerned to file additional entry to the IGM for the materials to be discharged from a foreign vessel the procedure for clearance will be the same as that of other imported cargoes.


All such material is permitted six days free storage after LFD of vessel and thereafter demurrage is recovered.    

In case of materials discharged from the passenger/ naval vessels and vessels in Dry Docks etc. for which LFD is not declared, six free days are permitted following the date of discharge.

In case of coastal materials, the formalities of filing of Bill of Entry and payment of Customs duty are not involved.

In case of sludge/waste oil etc. permission from Oil Unit of Customs, NOC from Director, Pollution Control Cell are required to be taken by the respective agency before clearance.