7. Home Town

"Home Town" means the permanent home town or village as entered in the service book or other appropriate official record of the employee concerned and such other place as has been declared by him, duly supported by reasons (such as ownership of immovable property, permanent residence or near relatives, e.g. parents, brothers, etc.) as the place where he would normally reside but for his absence from such a station for service under the Board. The criteria mentioned below may be applied to determine whether the employees declaration of home town may be accepted –

(i) whether the place declared by the employee is the one which requires his physical presence at intervals for discharging various domestic and social obligations and if so, whether after his entry into service the employee had been visiting that place frequently;

(ii) whether the employee owns residential property in that place or whether he is the member of a joint family having such property there;

(iii) whether his near relatives are residents of that place;

(iv) whether, prior to the entry into the Board’s service, the employee had been living there for some years. The criteria one after the other need be applied only in cases where these immediately preceding criterian is not satisfied. Where the employee or the family of which he is a member owns residential or landed property in more than one place, it shall be left to the employee to make a choice of any such place as his home town giving reasons for the same provided that the decision of the Head of the Department in which the employee is employed whether or not to accept such a place as the home town of the employee shall be final. Where the presence of near relations at a particular place is to be the determining criterian for the acceptance of declaration of `home town’, the presence of near relations should be of more or less of permanent nature.