11. Nature of Leave :

(i) The concession shall be admissible for journeys performed by the employee during regular/casual/special casual leave, maternity leave, irrespective of its duration. The concession shall not be admissible to an employee who proceeds on regular leave, or casual leave, special/maternity leave, as the case may be, and then resigns his post without returning to duty. The above cited conditions shall not apply to journeys performed by the members of family of the employee.

(ii) The LTC cannot be availed during Sunday, Optional Holidays or any other period of Holidays alone, which includes second and fourth Saturdays in case of indoor staff.

(iii) The concession shall be admissible to an employee and his family in respect of only the outward journey from Bombay during leave preparatory to retirement, refused leave or terminal leave, provided that the concession had not been availed of earlier during that particular block of financial years. In such cases, the journey by both the employee and his family members shall commence within the period of leave.

(iv) An employee or his members or both shall be entitled to the concession irrespective of the actual period of his stay in his home town.