3.3  Miscellaneous  Welfare   Activities

Reference to Regulation

Nature of power

Authority to  whom   

Extent of   power delegated

5(h) Sports, excursions, competitions, dramas, music, film shows, bhajans, cultural programmes for employees and celebration of Independence Day, Republic Day, Maharashtra Day, Co-operative Week, etc., by employees; Dy. Chairman




Chief Welfare Officer

upto Rs.25,000 in a year


5(i) scout and guide groups of children of employees; upto Rs.100 in each case and Rs. 5,000 in the aggregate in a year
5(f) (in part) literacy classes, handicraft education, reading rooms and libraries.

The Chairman will have full powers in this regard.

The previous arrangement of fixing an annual grant of Rs.35,000 for miscellaneous welfare activities, the Chairman being authorised to incur, without reference to the Board, on such activities upto this limit, and the Chief Welfare Officer being authorised to incur expenditure provided the expenditure did not exceed Rs.100 in each case, will stand modified as explained above.