Permission For Cruise Party In Stream / Sea

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to apply ?

The Party to submit application on their letter-head mentioning the name of  Barge / Launch on which the party is to be performed.


Where to apply ?

Application to be sent to The Deputy Conservator, Mumbai Port Trust, Port Bhavan, Ist Floor, S.V. Marg, Mumbai 400 001.  during working days from 10.30 am to 05.30 p.m. 

3. How to make payment ? How the 'No Objection Certificate' will be issued ?

The payment to be made at Administrative Officer, Port Department, Bills Branch, Operations Service Centre, P. DíMello Road, Opp.  G. P. O., Mumbai 400 001 and 'No Objection Certificate' be obtained from that office. 


How the submitted application is further processed ?

The permission will  be  given within 6 working  days  from the  receipt of application subject to compliance of following conditions :  

a)  Party to ensure that the normal traffic at the Ferry Wharf is not disturbed  by the above event.

b)  Craft used for the purpose should have valid Passenger Boat/Harbour Craft License of Mumbai Port Trust.

c)  The craft will keep clear of all navigational channels and shall not obstruct the movements of vessels in any manner.

d)  Party shall avoid use of red and green lights, however, white lights may be

e)  Party shall inform the Sr. Inspector Colaba / Yellow Gate Police Station as

f)  Party shall provide adequate life buoys/life jackets.

g)  Party shall ensure the safety of the participants at all times.

h)  Party shall comply with all relevant statutory rules / regulations in force.

i)  The responsibility for the entire event and consequences arising out of it will
     rest with partyís organisation.