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Announcements for year 2013
CTL 2013 exhibition-(3-12-2013)
Shipping Minister Interacts with High Level Belgian Delegation-(3-12-2013)
Visit of Delegates from Govt. of Catalonia, Spain-(2-12-2013)
Visit of VIP delegation from Canada-(30-11-2013)
Report of Vigilance Awareness Week-(2-11-2013)
Vigilance Awareness Week 2013-(29-10-2013)
Mumbai Port Trust supports Exhibition-(9-10-2013)
Mumbai Port Trust holds special training in Maritime Law-(8-10-2013)
Development of Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse as a tourist destination-(7-10-2013)
Visit of Catalan President delegation-(1-10-2013)
Franking / recovery of stamp duty at OSC, Mumbai Port Trust : Detection of cases of fake franking-(16-9-2013)
Appointment of M/s. MSTC as MbPT eAuctioneer -(24-7-2013)
Press Release : Mumbai Port Trust donates Rs.1 crore to the Chief Minister Drought Relief Fund-(5-6-2013)
Framing of the Mumbai Port Trust(General Management of Ports) Regulations, 2013-(3-5-2013)
Framing of the Mumbai Port Trust (Management and Control of Docks) Regulations, 2013-(30-4-2013)
Press Release : Mumbai Port handles all time high record cargo throughput-(12-4-2013)
Certificate regarding TDS-(5-1-2013)
Mumbai Port Trust, India
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