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  Import documentation delivery of FCL containers
Shed Forwarding
Passing of Bill of Entry
Tally and delivery of FCL containers
Loaded container delivery
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Loaded container delivery

(A) Steps :


(i) Submission of letter from 
agent authorizing Port
    Trust to give loaded
    container delivery and
    obtaining of customs
    permission by CHA



(ii) Registration of
    authorisation letter and
    entry of details in ledger.



(iii) Shed forwarding and
     passing of Bill of Entry     



(iv) Preparation of challan and
     handing over the copy to



(v) Presentation of documents
     to Gate Inspector



(vii) Verification of documents,
      challans, container
      number  and endorsement
     on documents.



(viii) Permission to take out



Approving Authority

CMC Clerk , Asstt. Shed Supdt., Shed Supdt., Gate Asstt., Gate Inspector.

Processing Duration


Application Scrutiny Levels


(B) Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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