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Registration of firm as approved supplier
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Registration of firm as approved supplier

Procedure of registration of firm as Approved Supplier with the
Materials Management division 

The firm intending to get registered as approved supplier has to apply on the prescribed form (S/FO/101) available in the cash section of the Stores Department at the cost of Rs. 25/-. The firm has to return the form duly filled in alongwith all the relevant documents mentioned in the form. Banker’s report and performance report of the firm from the organisations where the firm has dealt with is then obtained by the Stores Department. After receipt of all the documents, scrutiny of the documents is made by Stores Department and Accounts Department.           

2.         On verification of the documents by the Accounts Department inspection of firm’s premises is done jointly by a committee of Stores Officer and Accounts Officer. All the original documents are verified during the inspection. The firm is granted registration based on the satisfactory report of the Inspection Committee and Materials Manager’s approval. 

3.         The firm is then informed about their registration. The firm is informed to pay Rs. 5000/- towards the PEMD, and Rs. 300/- (in proportionate of the months left in the year) towards the yearly subscription of the Weekly Bulletin Tender book issued by the department. The firm has to pay the same in the Cash section of the Stores Department. Then they have to produce the receipt of the payments to the MM Cell of the Stores Department. Thereafter letter intimating the firm’s registration number and other details is sent to them and the firm is considered as registered as approved supplier with the Stores Department of the Mumbai Port Trust.

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