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Tides of Time (History of Mumbai Port) by M. V. Kamath
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Tides of Time (History of Mumbai Port) by M. V. Kamath

Tides of Time, a volume of the history of the Mumbai Port traces the growth and development of the port city from a tiny fishing village to an island city and eventually blossoming into a premier centre of trade and commerce. The development of the port played a tremendous role in the progress of the city and surrounding areas. Soon ship building activities flourished and the ships built by the master builders - the Wadias, sailed the world over.

Port development, had its own shares of ups and downs. Wars, famines, plague, recession, strikes and a major explosion in the dock, were some of the setbacks. The port survived them all emerging like a phoenix and rising to great heights and prosperity through a process of evolution and modernisation.

The book places emphasis on unionisation of dock labour at the height of the nationalist movement, which gathered strength and finally brought about cordiality in management-labour relations.

The book traces the milestones in port development and provides deep and fascinating insights-hitherto unknown, into its long history.


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