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Rendering of Container related Bills
Rendering of Mafi Bills
Rendering of berth hire charges
Rendering of bills of MOT wharfage on the cargoes discharged/loaded at JD/PP., MOTs
Rendering of rental bills
Rendering of miscellaneous bills
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Rendering of miscellaneous bills

 Bills to recover the charges for the services such as, retrieval of cargo fell in docks basin ,   supply of  ambulance, destruction of cargo,  charges to keep shed-gate open, cranage chrges, charges for damage to Port property, bills for pre/post confiscation charges against customs, inter departmental bills, water charges  are rendered to the Port Users/ Customs. 

(A) Steps :  

(i) Receiving of billing
    advices from the
    respective operative
(ii) Entry of billing
    advices in the
(iii) Preparation of bills
     and sending for 
     audit verification
(iv) Rendering of bills    


Approving Authority

Deputy Managers of respective docks and CSF


Within 10 days

Application Scrutiny Levels


(B) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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