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Rendering of Container related Bills
Rendering of Mafi Bills
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Rendering of bills of MOT wharfage on the cargoes discharged/loaded at JD/PP., MOTs
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Rendering of rental bills

Bills for the recovery of monthly rental charges on the  area / premises allotted to the Govt./Non-govt  parties by the HOD/Dy. HODs of the respective Docks/areas are prepared and rendered by the Rental Section of C.B.S., O.S.C    

(A) Steps :

(i) Receiving of
    intimation with
   details such as area
   allotted etc.alongwith
   terms and conditions
   of payments from
   Traffic Manager, Dy. Manager, I.D. /P&V /CFS 
   and Asstt. Manager, BDC
(ii) Entry of information in
(iii) Preparation and rendering
     of bills


Approving Authority

HOD/Dy. HODs of the areas.


Within 10 days of the following month.

Application Scrutiny Levels


(B) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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