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Leave Travel Concession



1.   Short title and commencement 

2.   Definition 

3.   The concession Admissible/Not Admissible to  

4.   Frequency of entitlement  

5.   Entitlement  

6.   Definition of family 

7.   Home Town  

8.1  Declaration of Home Town  

8.2  Declaration of Home Town Outside India 

8.3  When the husband and wife are both Board’s employees

9.   Class of Accommodation  

10.  Concession restricted within India

Exceptions : 

11.  Nature of Leave  

12.  Mode of preferring claims  

13.  Record of assistance  

14.  Advance 

15.  Head of account 

16.  Interpretation

17.   1)  When a journey is performed by a longer route by rail, partly by lower class and partly
          by the entitled class, the claim is to be regulated on  proportionate basis by calculating
          mileage allowance for different  modes / classes by the shortest route in the ratio of
          distance covered by such modes by longer routes actually used.

        2) The privileges with regard to Class of travel currently enjoyed by an employee will not be ADVERSELY affected i.e. to say, an employee who is already enjoying a higher class of  accommodation vide the previous regulation will continue to enjoy the same.

18.   Repeal and saving


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