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Obtaining permission for bunkering / water supply

The Licensed Agencies are permitted to bring barge alongside the vessel for supply of bunker / fresh water to the vessel.

(A) Steps :


(i) Submission of application by
    licensed agencies

    Application Form

 Checklist Apply Online
(Under Construction)
(ii) Permission of Senior Dock
     Master,  ID ( for berthing of
  View Online
(Under Construction)
(iii) Advance payment of berth
     hire charges (in case of
  Pay Online
(Under Construction)
(iv) Payment of bunkering
     charges / charges for use
     of port facilities. 
  Pay Online
(Under Construction)
(v) Grant of Permission   View Online
(Under Construction)

Approving Authority

Deputy Traffic Manager, ID / P&V Docks

Processing Duration Immediately after the receipt of application during office working hours
Application Scrutiny Levels 01 levels scrutiny for all applications

(B) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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