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Dry Docks (Ship repairing)



The existing facilities provide all major services for repairs to the ships. The Hughes Dry Dock pumps have been electrified and are used also for impounding water to an extra height of 1.20 m so that the depth of water at all berths inside Indira dock can be increased from 9.30 m to 10.50 m.

During fair weather seasons the depth of water level can be increased even upto 11.50 m. At Hughes Dry Dock 24 welding plants of 415 V - 80 V - 300 A capacity and 8 Oxy-Acetylene outlets have been provided. 


Hughes Dock  



Dimensions of ship which can be accommodated

Electric Supply

Compressed Air






Outer        Inner
Comp.      Comp.

380 V Phase
250 Amplifier



30.48 m

415V 3 phase 60 cycles
230 V Single phase
130 V Three phase
32 V 50 cycles 24V A.C. *
110 V and 220 V DC supply


100 lbs. per sq. inch 500 C.F.M.

One no. electric crane of 5 tonnes capacity 

One no. electric crane of 20 - ton capacity

Outer Grove 123.44 m  170.84 m        
Middle Grove 146.30 m  125.12 m        
Inner Groove 169.16 m  125.12 m        
Without Caisson 304.04 m        


Additional Facilities:

The following additional facilities have been provided under íModernisation of Ship Repair Facilities Projectí at HDD   

  1. Workshop building


  2. One sub-station on each side of the dry dock
(i.e. two per dry dock).


  3. Lighting Mast to improve the visibility


  4. Automatic fire fighting system.


  5. Supply of salt water on one side of the dry docks.


  6. Supply of fresh water on one side of the dry docks.


  7. Supply of dry compressed air on one side of the dry docks.


  8. Capstans at suitable location.


  9. 6 Nos. water jet pumps.


10. 6 Nos. Girt blasting machines.


11. 10 Nos. spray painting machines.


12. 12 Nos. scaffolding sets.


13. Office Building at MDD East only.


14. Sub-station with frequency convertor and various supply voltage.


         15. Yard lighting.


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