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Submission of berthing applications on PCS

With a view to improve efficiency and transparency, the electronic submission of applications for berthing of vessels is made mandatory in PCS. This will reduce the hardships usually associated with submission of hard copy.  

(Circular No.TM/B-1/10 dated 20.06.2017).



Automated entry / exit of vehicles  

To eliminate human interface and congestion at gates, the vehicles entering/exiting Docks are issued RFID tags through Access Control System (ACS).

(Circular no. TM/HI(Access Control)/3003/ 2016-17 dated 11.03.2017 and Circular no. TM/HI (Access control) /3161 dated 31.03.2017)


3. Deployment of private manpower for handling of cargoes

For improving productivity and Turn Round Time of Vessels, the deployment of private manpower for handling of cargoes in Docks in case of short supply of OBL gangs by MbPT, is allowed by giving 50% rebate in the stevedoring charges. This will reduce the cost of handling cargo in MbPT as ships will not be idle on account of non-availability of manpower.

( Circular No. TM/S/1-CIRCULAR NO. 14 dated 30.06.2017 and Circular no. TM/S-1/12 dated 29.06.2019)


Simplification of Import Procedure  

As discussed during the Workshop on “Same Day Clearance”  held jointly by the Chief Commissioner of Customs and Chairman, MbPT, MbPT have simplified import delivery procedure by doing away with CDO forwarding and CDO passing formalities carried out at CDO Office.  After Customs examination, the CHB/Importer can directly approach the Shed for “Shed Passing” and can take delivery of cargo  after submission of EDO,  Customs Out of Charge and payment of Port Charges. This will help in reduction of cost and time for the Trade.

(Circular No. TM/S-29/CCFC/15 of 2019-20 dated 24.07.2019)



Allowing scanning of containers directly

As discussed during the Workshop on “Same Day Clearance” held jointly by the Chief Commissioner of Customs and Chairman, MbPT all the containers moving under the transhipment permits from JNPT to MOD at Mumbai Port and earmarked by Customs for scanning are allowed to be taken directly by the transporter to Customs scanning centre at Wadi Bunder and after scanning, the containers are to be moved to MOD for further transaction.

(Circular No. TM/S-29/CCFC/16 of 2019-20 dated 26.07.2019)



Concessional storage charges for cement cargo brought by coastal vessels /  MBCs in docks

Coastal cement cargo is permitted additional 8 days at 11 ID coastal shed @ Rs.3.73 per ton per day beyond 6 free days for clearance. The scheme is valid for a period of one year.

(Circular no. TM/BDC/Cement/19  of 2020-21 dated 21.10.2020 and Circular no. TM/BDC/Cement/28 of 2020-21 dated 14.12.2020)



Increase in free storage days for Calcite Chips cargo discharged and stored inside docks

With a view to increase the Calcite Chips cargo in Mumbai Port, free period upto 15 days are allowed to the consignee of Calcite Chips for clearance of cargo.  The scheme is valid for a period of 6 months.

(Circular no. TM/BDC/Calcite Chip/26 of 2020-21 dated 09.12.2020)



Concessional rates for demurrage on export of sugar and Volume Discount Scheme

With a view to encourage sugar export through Mumbai Port, the  concessional rates of demurrage @ Rs.88/- per ton per month from 31st day to 60th day for export of sugar has been provided w.e.f. 1.1.2021 for a period of one year.

Further, if exporter has shipped 50,000 tons or more of sugar within 12 months period from 1.1.2021 to 31.12.2021, they shall be eligible for   20 % rebate on stevedoring charges.

 (Circular no.TM/A/15-22/35  dated 04.01.2021)



Simplification of procedure for clearance of coastal cement in bags

Existing procedure for discharging and clearance of coastal cement in bags has been simplified.  CHB/Importers will not be required to obtain Gate Pass for Coastal Cement cargo from MbPT and they will be allowed delivery on their Delivery Challan, similar to Dry Bulk and Liquid bulk cargo. The new procedure is effective from 01.03.2021 for the vessels arrived on or after 01.03.2021.


(Circular no. TM/ID/CIRCULAR/05  dated 26.02.2021)



Concessions for export of all agricultural products like Sugar, Rice, Soyabean meal, Wheat, Maize etc.  

With a view to encourage export of agricultural products like Sugar, Rice, Soyabean meal, Wheat, Maize etc. through Mumbai Port and for reduction of cost in Mumbai Port free days / storage / demurrage are permitted as follows : 

i) to allow first 30 days free i.e. from Day 1 to Day 30;

ii) to levy flat demurrage rate of Rs. 44/- per tonne for the period 31st  day to 45th day;

iii) to levy flat demurrage rate of Rs. 66/- per tonne for the period 46th day to 60th  day; thereafter, to levy demurrage charges as per section 3.1 (B) of Scale of Rates (SOR) considering 61st day as Day I.

Further, slabwise rebate in stevedoring charges to the exporters for exporting sugar, rice, wheat, maize, soyabean meal etc. during the period 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021 as under :

01 tonne to 24,999 tonnes — 10% rebate ,

25,000 tonnes to 49,999 tonnes — 15% rebate ,

50,000 tonnes and above — 20% rebate

The above scheme is applicable for the period from 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021 to be reviewed thereafter.

 (Circular No.TM/A/15-22/43  dated 04.03.2021)



Concessions for export of Organic Soyameal in bulk from Mumbai Port

With a view to encourage more agri products like Sugar, Rice, Soyabean meals, Maize, Wheat etc. through Mumbai Port following additional facilities/ concessions are being extended for handling organic soyameal at Mumbai Port.

i) In cases, where soyameal rejected cargo taken back to town is replaced immediately by fresh equivalent cargo, no demurrage will be charged for the tonnage replaced.  

ii) However, where soyameal rejected cargo are to be taken back to town (i.e. no equivalent replacement cargo brought in), instead of blanket free days, demurrage rates on such cargoes as below will be applicable-  

(a) First 15 days free; 

(b) Flat demurrage @Rs.44 per ton for the period from 16th day to 22nd day;


(c)  Flat demurrage @Rs.66 per ton for the period from 23rd day to 30th day; and thereafter demurrage charges as per Section 3.1 (b) of Scale of Rates (SOR) considering 31 st day as day 1

(Circular no. TM/Z-1/59  dated 09.06.2021)



Pre-shipment facilities for storage of export cargo

In view of the ongoing monsoon and spurt of Iron & Steel export cargo, the pre-shipment storage facility (for 21 free days) at Shed Nos. 12ID and 20 ID for export  of Iron and Steel is permitted till 30.09.2021 to be reviewed thereafter.

(Circular No. TM/A/15-22/63  dated 16.07.2021)



Priority berthing for Sugar Vessels

As per the directions of Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways (PD-IV Section) vide letter No.PD-24015/12/2021-PD-IV dated 08.02.2021, the berthing priority to vessels for export of sugar with productivity norms between 2750 MT to 3500 MT per day for achieving overall export target shall be granted on the request of Vessel Agents and / or Exporter on payment of charges as per the Scale of Rates.

(Circular No. TM/ID/B/Sugar/Berthing Policy/1187  dated 23.07.2021)



Facility related to back to town cargo for  Export agri-products in bulk from Mumbai Port

With a view to reduce the cost of cargo handling in MbPT and upon the demand from Trade, additional facilities /concessions regarding rejected cargo of agri-products taken back to town are extended vide Circular No. No. TM/A/15-33/67 dated 21.08.2021)


(Circular No. TM/A/15-33/67 dated 21.08.2021)