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Permission for carrying out hot work on Board vessels in wet docks
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Permission for carrying out hot work on Board vessels in wet docks

The cargo vessels / Repair vessels are allowed to carry-out hot works of urgent nature on board the vessel in wet docks.




    ·        Vessel Agents make application for hot work in the office of Dy.
          Manager Indira Dock in the prescribed format.


·       Vessel Agents obtains permission from Port Safety & Fire Officer.


·       Hot work permission is granted on receipt of permission from Port Safety & Fire Officer.


Approving Authority and approval process including time frame :


·        Dy. Manager Indira Dock / Dy. Manager, P & V


·        1 hour.


Check List


·        Whether application in prescribed format is submitted.


·        Whether permission from Port Safety & Fire Officer is obtained.

  •   Whether berth hire charges are paid
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