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Motor Car

 BOMBAY PORT TRUST EMPLOYEES  (Grant of Advances for Purchase of  Motor Cars and Motor Cycles) REGULATIONS, 1976.


Regulation       Content

       1.              Short title and commencement    

       2.              Definitions  

       3.             Extent of application 

       4.             Powers of sanction        

       5.             General Conditions    :      Annexure I

       6.             Conditions of eligibility     :     Regulation 18

       7.             Interest

       8.            Amount of advance    :    Annexure II

       9.           Form of application for advance

       10.           Advance not to be granted to employee under suspension

       11.           Recovery of advance

       12.           Recovery of interest    :      Regulation 7      |       Regulation 11

       13.           Sale or transfer

      14.        Advance to be refunded  :  if motor car or motor cycle is not purchased within one month

      15.       Agreement and mortgage bonds

      16.      Advance with interest to be refunded forthwith when mortgage bond is not executed in time 

      17.      Insurance      :       Annexure VII

      18.      Conditions for grant of second advance :  before advance and interest is repaid

      19.      Restrictions :  in case of employees due to retire within maximum period prescribed for repayment   :   Regulation 11

      20.      Date of drawal of advance    :   sub-regulation (4) of regulation 11   |    Regulation 14    |    Regulation 17

      21.      Detailed accounts of individual advances

      22.      Custody and disposal of mortgage bond  

      23.      Interpretation

      24.      Repeal and savings


  ANNEXURE I    |     Annexure II    |     Annexure III    |     Annexure IV    |     Annexure V    |    Annexure VI    |    Annexure VII






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