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Reception facility provided for the vessels visiting Mumbai Port




» For collection and disposal of used oil / waste oil as per MARPOL 73/78 Act it has been made compulsory for all the countries, who are signatory to IMO, to provide shore reception facility. Accordingly, MbPT provides this facility for vessels calling at this port through the private forms registered with Central Pollution Control Board and having valid consent to operate from State Pollution Control Board. The agents of the vessel make the necessary arrangement, through these private registered firms, for discharge / reception of the waste oil / slop etc. from the vessel
» Dirty ballast, at Jawahar Dweep and Pir Pau (JD & PP) is received in slop tanks / ballast water tanks provided at JD 7 PP. The dirty ballast so received is directly pumped to concerned refineries who are the owner of the cargo of that vessel for further treatment.
» The garbage is received from vessels calling at JD & PP through private firm by operating a contract by the Port authorities and put in the dustbin provided at P&V Dock. In Indira Dock, Prince’s and Victoria Dock, agents of respective vessels make the arrangement for removal of garbage through private firms and put into the dustbins provided on shore. This garbage is then contractually transported by MbPT to the MCGM dumping yard, by dumpers / trucks. Further processing and separation of the garbage / solid waste is done by Municipal Authorities (MCGM).

(Capt. V.V. A. Pereira)

       Director, Pollution Control Cell



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