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Levy of Mandatory User Charge (MUC) on containers towards the Logistics Data Bank Service to be rendered by Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMICDC), in the Scale of Rates of all the Major Port Trusts and terminals operating thereat for the year 2018 19
Proposal received from the Mumbai Port Trust for revision of Garbage Reception Facility in the Scale of Rates (SOR)
Proposal received from the Mumbai Port Trust (MBPT) for approval of Royalty for Stevedoring activity in Lighterage operation at Inner Anchorage and Outer Anchorage and withdrawal of Stevedoring charges at 35 percent of the charges applicable for cargo handled at Inner Anchorage
Proposal received from the Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) for revision of Lighterage charges and water conveyance charges in the MbPT Scale of Rates (SOR)
Port Lighterage (PLA) with new extended co ordinates of port limits, as a modification to its existing Scale of rates : TAMP Order No.TAMP/78/2015 MBPT
Proposal for incorporation of RFID Tags charges in SOR
Fixation of Licence Fees for renewal / issue of dry dock license (DDL) / Wet dock permission (WDP) to carry out ship repairs on board vessels in Mumbai Port Trusts Docks
Regulation of port dues and other charges from the vessels of republic of Bangladesh
Corrigendum to the Order No. TAMP/78/2015 MBPT dated 21 June 2016 notified on 20 July 2016.
Indexed Vessel Related charges effective from 01.05.2017
Railway Tariff
Implementation of revised comprehensive SOR under Tariff Policy 2015 w.e.f. 19.08.2016
TAMPs order dealing with Coastal Transportation of Vehicles through RO RO Vessels decision for Special Discount
Modification to existing SOR : TAMP order dated 10th June 2016
TAMPs order dated 19.05.2016 Amendment in Coastal concession policy with effect from 26.05.2016
Amendments to Provisions in common adoption order effective from 29/09/2015
TAMPs order dealing with the proposal received from the MbPT for fixation of Reference Tariff for the use of Floating Crane at Port Lighterage Anchorage [PLA]
Amendment to the coastal concession policy : TAMP order dated 5th October 2015
Amendment in the definition of "Day" in the Scale Of Rates of MbPT.
Rates by Customs Cargo Service Providers
Corrigendum IV w.e.f. 18.02.2015
Corrigendum III w.e.f. 18.02.2015
Corrigendum II w.e.f. 18.02.2015
Corrigendum I w.e.f. 18.02.2015
Revised comprehensive Scale of Rates
Revised Scale of Rates effective from 18.02.2015
Notification dated 04.12.2014 for guidelines on priority berthing of coastal vessel at Major Ports
Scale of Rates w.e.f. 22.12.2011
Scale of Rates : Corrigendum dated 01.03.2012
Fixation of Tariff for Anchorage and Lighterage Charges at the extended Port area
Circular for Revised comprehensive Scale of Rates of Mumbai Port Trust effective from 22.12.2011
Notification dated 18.11.2011 from Tariff Authority for Major Ports
Scale of rates effective from 31.12.2006 to 21.12.2011
List of Port Users
Rules for temporary allotment of accomodation in Evelyn Guest House
Levy of Cargo Management Charges on containers for the services rendered at its CFS

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