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Mumbai Port has long been the principal gateway to India and has played a pivotal role in the development of the national economy, trade & commerce and prosperity of Mumbai city in particular. The port has achieved this position through continuous endeavor to serve the changing needs of maritime trade. Though traditionally designed to handle general cargo, over the years, the port has adapted to changing shipping trends and cargo packaging from break bulk to unitisation/palletisation and containerisation. Besides, it has also developed specialised berths for handling POL and chemicals. For decades, Mumbai Port was India’s premier port. Even today, with the development of other ports, it caters to 10% of the country’s sea-borne trade handled by Major Ports of the country in terms of volume. It caters about 19% of  POL Traffic handled by Major Ports.

Having weathered and survived many a changes in maritime trade in its long history, Mumbai Port is today facing challenges posed by competition from adjoining ports and private ports, changing traffic patterns, inherent physical constraints and continuing labour intensive operations, etc. However, Mumbai Port  is  taking  various  measures  to  render  cost  effective  and  quality  services to the trade.

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